Saturday, 17 April 2010

Half Marathon

Hey peeps, hope you are all okay, so sorry about my lack of blogging/comment leaving etc. I have had a hectic few weeks...well months actually, I just don't seem to get time to craft and blog hop these days!!! A lottery win sure would help as I could ditch the full time job, but hey I don't play so not chance of that happening soon!!!
Anyway, I am also busy training for my first half marathon, I am raising money for the charity CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young). I have chosen this one in memory of my young work colleague and friend Stuart Hudson who collapsed and died last year whilst playing football from an undiagnosed heart condition.
If you are able to sponser me to help raise money for this wonderful cause I would be very grateful, I have a web page where you can donate sponser forms, no collecting money's fab!!! You can find my page here
Anyway, thank you for reading this post, I hope to get back into regular blogging/comment leaving a.s.a.p