Thursday, 16 June 2011

Goodbye sweet Will

RIP Will, i miss your cuddles already.x

Sorry I have been AWOL for so long, I really am finding it difficult to get any time to blog, make cards or even blog hop!!

Life is just so hectic for us lately and this week has been a tough one as on Monday evening we had to have our wonderful dog Will put to sleep unexpectedly. He was approx 15 years old, he was a rescue dog so his age was a guess, he had a long life but it still does not make it any easier. He was OK before I left for work on the morning, fighting his way through the younger ones in for his breakfast but when I got home and went to feed him he never came running into the kitchen as usual, he could not stand, his back legs would not let him, his breathing was very laboured and he was not the slightest bit interested in his food. He just lay down on the floor and I somehow knew that this was the end for him and I broke my heart there and then!!

We got an emergency appointment at the vet who told us that Will possibly had a tumour on his liver, he was retaining a lot of fluid and his breathing was difficult as a result, the vet said that Will was really struggling and had given up!! He was just lying on the vet table, no fight to keep him there like we usually have!! There was nothing that could be done and the kindest thing was to say goodbye to our wonderful companion and I think between myself, hubby and our son, we flooded the consultation room with tears whilst we said our goodbyes, the Vet was really patient with us.

We held him as he was put to sleep and out of pain, it was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life!!

Will was a fantastic dog, great with kids, very loving, always comforted me when I was sad, he bought us and many of our family and friends so much joy..........and destruction when he was younger but he was worth it, such a trusting soul considering he was a rescue and we will never forget him.

The strange thing was that the night he died........Mon 13th of June was my late fathers Birthday, I like to think my dad has him up in heaven, it helps me to deal with the loss......coincidence maybe but I like to think they are looking after each other now.

I hope to get back to blogging soon.x


  1. How sad for you Sarah, our pets mean so much and it's so upsetting. My thoughts are with you all.
    Take are care
    Tracy x

  2. Hi Sarah, I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Although he had a long life it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye.

    RIP sweet boy.

    Lisa x

  3. oh Sarah, I'm so sad for you sweetie. Am sitting here bubbling too. It's devastating when you lose a fur baby. Am sure your dad will be looking after him for you
    sending loads of bosies

  4. Sarah...I have tears running down my sad. He will be up there having lovely long walks with your Dad...thats what I like to think my Dad is doing to with our pooch...sending you big hugs xxxx

  5. Hi Sarah
    Oh! how sad ....he looked a gorgeous dog.....You have had a terrible time lately.....its sooo unfair ....thinking of you all

  6. Sarah...I am so sorry to hear about your loss...I could not help but cry too when reading your story...I know how hard that is. We put our dog to sleep about 8 years ago and it never gets any easier. Of course we have 2 more dogs now too...but they are like your kids and you never want to say goodbye, but you guys did the right thing so he will not suffer anymore. I am sure he is in heaven with your father. Love and hugs to all of you.

  7. That is so sad, I know what it's like to have to do what you did, but it really is the kindest thing. I am sure he is off with your dad for a nice long walk in heaven. Thought are with you. Love Sandra x

  8. Hi Sarah hun,

    Your post has brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat.

    At the moment I don't have any children and the only thing me and Martin have is out little dog, Max who is the next best thing to us. It would break my heart if something happened to him.

    I agree with you and I think Will and your Dad are looking after each other.

    Take care hun, love

    Kerry xxx

  9. This bought back when I lost my Westie Angus. My thoughts are with you Sarah. Take care.
    Linby x

  10. Sarah I am so sorry for your loss. It is very sad when this happens. I went through that a few years ago with my Yorkie. He was 19 and I had him from 1 year old. They become part of the family.
    Take care.

  11. So sorry to hear you've lost your lovely dog, it's so sad losing a family pet.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my grumpy post! Hope your mojo (and mine!) hasn't deserted for too long :o) Lisa x

  12. (((Sarah))) Just read this...sorry to hear about your sweet furbaby Will...I understand tears, have shed buckets this summer myself. I do believe the day your beloved Dad and Will shared is an angel sighting....(((Hugs Sarah)))...from across the ocean to you....hope this isn't a duplicate! My last post disappeared!!! If it was....just know I really wanted you to know my thoughts are with you!

  13. Sarah, I am really sorry to hear your sad news. he had a long life it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye. It is very sad news for me.

  14. My heart goes out to you for your loss of Will. It sure makes our hearts heavy when we loose a beloved companion.On Aug 3rd we lost our Beagle Mae.It's still so fresh in my mind. I certainly know how you feel. Grieving right along with you you Sarah, and hoping Will and Mae cross paths.

    Dawn Lee

  15. Sorry about the sad news you had a while ago, thanks for your comment on my blog and glad you enjoyed the tutorial and hope you get to use your punches now.