Friday, 14 August 2009

Blog Awards

Phew, what a busy week I have had, I am so tired and not had a chance to get near the computer!!! My son, Jonathan came home from Scotland on Tuesday, I ran my card class on Tuesday night, he turned 13 the following day so we went to Thorpe Park as a treat.............some fab rides there I can tell you but mega busy & I was slightly put off by the need for all the security guards wearing Anti-stab vests!!!! They were needed though as we saw 2 lots of trouble!!!! It's not what you want at a family theme park.................think I will stick to Alton Towers & Drayton Manor next time!!!!!!!

I have been busy working the rest of the week & cleaning & cooking time to craft/blog hop/leave comments etc, this is my first chance to sit down & have a nose at what you have all been up to.

Anyway, I have been a blog award twice once by the lovely Tracey & also by Tracey's lovely son Scott. Both blogs are well worth a visit & the very talented Scott has designed some new characters for Daisy & Dandelion, how cool is that, he is only 13!!!!!

Oh by the way, I saw the man at work that I did the Art Deco comission for today & his wife loved the card & is even going to frame it so I feel much better eh!!!

Thanks for looking, please feel free to leave a comment as I love reading them.




  1. Hi DIL,

    Thanks for a great few days in Solihull, especially that succulent meat you served up on Thursday night. Get crafting.

    Luv,Hugs & Kisses
    Fiona x

  2. Congrats on your blog awards :)

    WOW: Fantastic news to hear that your commissioned Art Deco card is appreciated for your hard and thoughtful work and is now framed, well done you!

    Have a restful Sunday.

    Bye for now,

    Alex x