Saturday, 1 August 2009

My Birthday cards

I just had to show you my lovely birthday cards, they are still on my fireplace even though my birthday was July 23rd, I cannot stop looking at them..................I love them all!!!!!

The pic below shows cards from my PFP sisters Caryn, Gina & Ida, so jealous as Gina has Manga's ...................that reminds me they are back in stock at Funky kits!!!

The second pick shows cards from my SU Pal Deb & my PFP sis Suzanne & the book in the middle is from my lovely mother- in- law Fiona who incidently has just started a blog after loads of nagging from me, her cards are lovely but she always thinks they are never good enough!!!! They are of course, her blog is here if you would like to pop over with a few words of encouragement.

Oh by the way my little boy has a cardmaking blog, he has asked me to spread the word, you can visit him here

These lovely cards are from PFP sis Debbi, C4E sis Andie, & PFP sisters Maria & Denise

Are they all fab or what??? When I eventually prize them off my fire place they will be on permenant display in my craft room.

Thanks for looking




  1. They are gorgeous isn't it nice getting cards that mean so much!! Sue :o)

  2. WoW! These are gorgeous Sarah! I hope you had a lovely day!

    Teri xx

  3. WOW what a talented bunch of friends and family you have - how lovely :D

  4. wow these are beatuiful hun hope you had a fab day love cheryl xxxxx

  5. Hi Data,
    what a haul! I would be exactly the same, they are all gorgeous
    Deanna Troy
    (hmm perhaps my Star Trek - Next Gen references are getting too obscure already)

  6. WOW: These cards are beautiful! I'm not surprised you still have them up :)

    Have a good week.

    Alex x

  7. What fab cards you received there Sarah. It's really nice to get a handmade card especially when it's usually you sending them! I didn't know it was your birthday until too late, but if you don't mind getting a belated one i'd love to send you one too. I have checked out your MIL and son's blogs, they are fab, tell them to keep up the good work!

    Katrina xx