Monday, 25 May 2009

My Crafting Space

At long last here they are, the pictures of my crafting space. A few months ago, I posted a question on ILWS asking how people stored their craft items, I got a great response and loads of ideas and from there my craft room got a revamp thanks to my lovely hubby.

The pic above shows my tidy desk (no it's not this tidy really, I moved everything for the photo, normally there is no room to work....LOL).

Pic below shows my SU area, as you can see my colour caddy is a little bare, everytime I place an order I get an ink pad or 2!!! My lovely hubby and his dad created the shelving that hold all 4 SU colour familes, at the bottom of each section is a spare shelf that I use to put white, cream etc.........i really love this idea....thanks Monica (passionflower).

In the 3 big boxes live my SU stamp sets (in no particular order) they are not all full yet but I am working on it.....LOL!!!

In the little boxes lives, SU ribbons, stampin spots, brads and accesories.

This unit houses all my un mounted no SU stamps, magazines, other ribbon, brads, accessories, nesties, flowers etc. In the top right you can se 4 grey each of those lives my lush promarkers.....think I need to move them closer to my desk though!!!
The pic below shows some of my wooden stamps.................most have never seen ink but then neither have most of my SU stamps and unmounted ones..............shock horror.......yes I know I am working on it!!!!

On the surface below the shelf you can see my cricut expression, cuttlebug and my purple cow that cutter.

You may not be able to see that well but the cubes below I keep my unused sewing machine, xyron machine, die's and embossing folders and scrapbooking papers, the boxes just have printer cartridges in and gifts for 3D items.

The pick below just shoes the angle behind desk, you can see a box on the floor, this contains non SU paper I am trying to use up but I can't stop turning to SU as everything matches!!!! Think that box will be there forever!!!!!

Below, a close up of my flowers, brad and embelishment storage

And finally my punch storage...........utensil rails from Ikea......need more as full and I have a box full of other punches in the big storage unit!!!!

I have a few adjustments to make to the room as still need to sort out ribbon storage and move things about so they are more accessible. I also need to label some of the boxes but If I had waited till I had done all that these pictures would never have got posted!!!

Anyway, hope you like it, thanks for looking, please feel free to leave a comment as I love reading them.




  1. Wowey - what a super tidy and lush craft area. I especially like your little stamp shelf. You lucky thing - thanks for sharing x

  2. Wow, Sarah how fabulous, you're so lucky and everything is so tidy.

  3. Wow Sarah, this is definitely one very organised craft room!! Units look fab and sooooo organised !!


  4. Loving your room... look great with all the storage... Fab units
    And very organised

    Caroline x

  5. Ooh looks lovely, lots of great storage

    Jan xx

  6. Wow what a wonderful area to work in.....I think i would never be seen again if i had such a great space to hide!!lol


  7. Wow, what a fabulous space. I would never get any housework done if I had a room like that. x

  8. wow I am so impressed how tidy are you what a wonderful crafting space. I have a lovely space but I couldn't posibly show it!!! there is stuff every where. Sue :o)

  9. I think I need to come clean about the tidy was prepped for the pics.....on desk is usually a pile of scrapbook papers and print outs of things to make and ideas, stuff all over the floor.....basically nothing put's the best way of keeping hubby out!!!!! Besides I am too busy making stuff to tidy!!!!!

  10. WOW: Your craft room looks marvellous! You've done well with all your storage spaces.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Alex x

  11. I think I need to throw my kids out so i can turn one of their rooms into a craft room - that looks so fab, am green with envy

  12. What a great craft room I am so jealous I just have a cupboard under the stairs!

  13. Wow, what a great craft room Sarah! Looks really organised and some great storage ideas. I would love a craft room but will have to make do with my cupboard for now. Hopefully we can get a Summerhouse/workshop in the garden soon!
    Hugs, Katrina x

  14. It's looking really good, and I like how you clearly have space to expand (a necessity I find)! I put pictures of mine on my blog too at