Monday, 10 May 2010

My New Storage Solutions!!

Happy Monday everyone, this is just a quick post to show you my new storage solution for my Stampin Up Stamps, I did have them stored on an Ikea Expedit unit but I kept knocking them all over when I wanted the stamp set from the bottom....and my collection had outgrown the 4 cubes they were living in.

I noticed a few peeps were storing them in DVD towers so I had a flick through the Argos book yesterday and found this:

I managed to get ALL my wood mounted SU sets in here, the shelves are adjustable so I was able to tailor the unit to the height of the sets....I love it, I had one shelf left over afterwards. You can get at least 18 sets side by side on each shelf . It cost £44.99, I paid half of it with my nectar points so I only paid £22.50. It fits behind my craft room door and now I have 4 cubes free in my expedit unit....yay!!!
Information about the unit can be found here

You can see I store my Stampin Up ribbons, wheels (in the special cases that SU now stock) and the new Stampin Up un-mounted stamps of which I only have 3 so far on the top of the unit. I have also put my new style SU punches on here to as they don't sit on my utensil rail like the old style ones do!! Any tips for storing these welcome.

I found the stacking containers for my ribbons in Lakeland, I bought 2 packs at £9.99 each, you get 2 per pack and they stack, they are Ok until I find something better....I have to lift them off to get the ribbon reels out but I can cope with that at the moment.

Anyway, I thought I would share my new storage with you, I have also been busy cataloguing and storing my unmounted stamps but I will show you that another time as that is still a work in progress!!! One day I will have a lovely organised room and I will know what stamps I actually have....Lol. I took some pics of my craft room last year when I first re-vamped it, pics can be seen in this post here, the room looks a bit different to this now though as I have acquired more stuff and it is very untidy, I will re-photograph it soon to show the changes!!

Anyway, I am off to bed now, I will be back tomorrow with my Passion For Promarkers card, night, night.x




  1. This unit from Argos looks great and what a great buy using up your Nectar points with it :). Looks like you've got quite a collection of SU stamps! Lol.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of how you organise your unmounted sets :)

    Hope all's well with you, have a good week!

    Alex x

  2. Great storage Sarah and boy do you have lots of SU stamp sets. Thanks for sharing your brilliant idea. Hugs, Denise x

  3. .........and I thought I had a lot of stamps ! :o) Great storage solution Sarah! Great price too.


  4. Great storage Sarah, it looks like you have all the SU stamps from the catalogue there, I sold some of mine to make way for new goodies!

    Great to see you blogging again.

    Katrina xx